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Main Events in History of University of Nagano

1992 March Nagano Prefectural College Alumni Association “Rokureikai” presents petition with 120,000 signatures to prefectural assembly to request promotion to university status, and petition is granted
2001 March Rokureikai submits another petition to prefectural assembly for same purpose, and it is granted
2006 September Then Nagano City Mayor Shoichi Washizawa recommends transition to four-year system to then Governor Jin Murai
2008 March External auditor for prefecture recommends shift to four-year system
2009 December Governor Murai announces establishment of expert exploratory committee at prefectural assembly
2010 February Exploratory committee is launched consisting of representatives from Nagano Prefecture, Nagano Prefectural College, business organizations, and others
2011 July Exploratory committee puts together report necessary for shift to four-year system, and Governor Shuichi Abe expresses intent to begin specific preparations
2012 February Decision is made for Nagano Prefectural College to transition to four-year system
April Prefectural University Establishment Preparation Office is opened inside prefectural office
May Preparatory committee for establishment is launched and begins deliberating basic concept
September Nagano Prefecture presents rough plan for faculty of general management with two departments to preparatory committee
2013 June
  • Nagano Prefecture prevents revised plan to preparatory committee to add Faculty of Health and Human Development making it two faculties and three departments descending from Nagano Prefectural College.
  • Governor Abe makes formal decision on new basic concept of University of Nagano.
November Expert subcommittee is launched
2014 February Nagano Prefecture decides on policy to move initial target date of opening from April 2017 to April 2018 and establishes Basic Plan and Policy for Establishment and Development of New University of Nagano
April Prefectural University Establishment Preparation Office is reorganized as Prefectural University Establishment Preparation Section
July Nagano Prefecture announces former Sony President Kunitake Ando will be first chairman of University of Nagano and Keio University Honorary Professor Masumi Kindaichi will be president
September Prefectural University Establishment Committee is launched
2016 February Announcement is made at subcommittee meeting of establishment committee that Faculty of General Management will be renamed Faculty of Global Management Studies
March “University of Nagano” is decided as name of new prefectural university based on public vote
April Construction begins at Miwa Campus
July Construction begins at Gocho Campus
  • Application is submitted to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for approval of establishment of University of Nagano
  • Logo is announced
2017 July Articles of Incorporation and proposal for establishment of evaluation committee approved at ordinary meeting of Prefectural Assembly in June
  • University of Nagano Evaluation Committee is launched
  • Campus pre-opening open house is held
  • Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology approves establishment of University of Nagano
  • Concept of Center for Social Innovation Initiatives (CSI) is announced
  • Construction of Gocho Campus is completed
  • Construction of Miwa Campus is completed
  • President’s recommendation selection test
  • Self-recommendation and special selection test
  • Private viewing of Miwa and Gocho campuses is held
2018 January Application for establishment of public university is submitted to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • General selection and first term test
  • Medium-term objectives of university are submitted at ordinary meeting of Nagano Prefectural Assembly in February
  • General selection and mid-term test
  • Establishment of public university is approved
  • University of Nagano is opened
  • Public university entity is established
  • Application for approval of medium-term plan is submitted to governor (approved in July)

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