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Overseas Program

In this short-term training program, second-year students will deepen their understanding of language and of their major over the course of two to four weeks overseas. The countries visited and the specific studies experienced abroad are specifically designed in each department, to let students acquire practical abilities, an international outlook, and toughness through experiences that inform their future studies.

Training destinations

Students both in the Department of Global Management Studies and in the Department of Health Sciences go overseas in the second quarter of their second year, while students in the Department of Child Development and Education go in the third quarter of their second year.

Objectives and Features of Overseas Program

Study aligned with courses of study and
developing a global perspective
Based on the skills developed in their first year, the overseas program aims, more than language study, to motivate students to study in thier specialized fields beyond the second year and expanding their horizons.
Developing self-assurance
By experiencing cultural diversity, giving presentation in English, and interacting with local students and experts, the overseas program aims to provide students with a better understanding of different cultures, English communication skills and self-assurance for facing problems by themselves. Moreover, as all students will share the same experiences, it aims to give them a sense of independence and ability to cooperate with one another.

What students can learn and experience in the program

Faculty of Global Management Studies

  • English language training to improve communication skills using business English
  • Lectures on the fundamentals of business at the university, etc.
  • Study at international enterprises and workplace experience

Department of Food and Health Sciences, Faculty of Health and Human Development

  • Lectures and practical work experience related to food and health at the university and in the region
  • Tours of hospitals, welfare facilities, etc., and interaction with RDNs
* RDN: Registered Dietician and Nutritionist

Department of Child Development and Education, Faculty of Health and Human Development

  • Interaction with local students and lectures on child care and child education in Finland
  • Tours of nurseries and practical work experience in child care amid a natural environment