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Global Center

In addition to assisting Japanese students with studying abroad, the Global Center provides language and living support for students from overseas.

About the Global Center

The Global Center provides support for training and studying abroad and assistance to students from overseas as well as overall support for the Overseas Program in which all students participate in their second year. The Overseas Program is not a short-term language training, but an order-made program for students from each department to acquire specialized knowledge relating to their field of study.

Main Services

Support for Overseas Program and study abroad
  • Student counseling
  • Support for study abroad
  • Support during study abroad
  • Cultivating study abroad destinations
  • Signing of agreements with overseas universities and more
Support for students from overseas
  • Support for incoming students
  • Japanese language and cultural learning support
  • Living support and more

Contact Information

Open Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30-17:15
※Except national holidays

Phone: +81-26-462-1444
Fax: +81-26-235-0026
Email: global@u-nagano.ac.jp

Message from the Director of the Global Center

Having a Global Perspective for Connecting with the World


Professor Masaaki Shimura, Director, Global Center

In the future, Now you have to maintain an awareness of global connections no matter where you live. Considering any thing, you have to do so not from a local but from a global standpoint. Our students participating the short term overseas program should learn how people around the world think and will provide feedback when they return to Japan. The overseas program is sophisticatedly designed to cultivate such a global perspective. After coming back from the program, you will not only acquire necessary knowledge but cultivate logical thinking skills, gain an understanding of basic mechanisms of your major field, which will lead to develop broad skills to become a leader in each social field of yours. Come to the University of Nagano and develop broad leadership skills to tackle various challenges you come up against in society with your own thinking.