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Entrepreneurship Course

Students learn the basics of startups, business succession and revitalization. They also develop a broad outlook and flexible thinking, to acquire conceptual and practical capabilities for starting new businesses aimed at resolving social or regional issues.

Message from the Head of the Course

I believe the most important thing is to manage your mind.

Professor Nobuyoshi Omuro, Head of Entrepreneurship Course

This is a rare course, even at other national universities in Japan. Methods, strategies, and marketing are also important, but we place the most emphasis on what philosophy you will use when doing business. We develop an entrepreneurial mindset to be clearly aware of one’s own role. I believe the most important thing is to manage your mind.

Student interview

Being useful to others is what gives me energy.
Shota Ogura, Third-year student, Department of Global Management Studies
When I was a second-year student, I thought the Entrepreneurship Theory class that everyone has to take was very befitting of the Entrepreneurship Course. It shattered the stereotypes that I thought were common knowledge, such as that businesses prioritize profits ahead of all else, and showed me the approach of creating a company that is good for society. This touches you directly in a philosophical way and provides significant insight for when choosing what you're going to do in the future and what to base the decision on. I hope to continue learning how to take positive action in a self-directed manner as I did in the Self-Management and Social Innovation class in the latter half of my second year.

Shota Ogura

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