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The 3rd online meeting

online meeting

online meeting

The 3rd “Online Meeting” was held from 12:30 to 13:00 on Thursday 26th November. The theme was “Let’s talk about winter (Nagano or your home city) and winter sports!”.
There were questions such as “How is the winter in Nagano?” “Do you have snow in your home city/ country?” “Have you ever played winter sports?”. There are some countries which has no snow. A student from Malaysia said that “I want to enjoy winter sports while I am staying in Nagano”.
Other students said that “I have worked as a ski instructor before.” “In Nagano there are lots of facilities which used for Nagano Olympic winter games so I want to go there and enjoy winter sports.”.
The participating students enjoyed our ‘Third Online International Get-Together’ very much. Join us for our next International Get- Together on December!