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A student gave a presentation at the "Yamanouchi Internship" result presentation.

Tsuyoshi Mano, a student from the Faculty of Global Management Studies, gave a presentation at the "Yamanouchi Internship" result presentation in collaboration with students from the University of Victoria (Canada).

On Tuesday, March 3rd, the Yamanaka Internship Secretariat hosted a presentation meeting on the results of the "Yamanouchi Internship". We made a presentation with three people. This is carrying it out in the inn, the hotel of Yamanouchi town, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture; among " Yamanouchi internship " with a student of Victoria University, Australia (Canada), and aim at suggesting the internship experience as " Study abroad in Nagano ".
Following this year's graduation thesis by Kyorin University students who experienced the “Yamanouchi internship” last year, Tsuyoshi Mano students and University of Victoria students made a group presentation. In addition to the introduction of the “Study abroad in Nagano” project and the training content and training results of experiences at each internship destination, proposals for improvements on inbound correspondence etc. were announced. The venue was attended by a female general at the Yunoka, a member of the Shinshu Yudanaka Shibu Onsen village, and the Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization. Although the event was held in a smaller scale due to the new epidemic of pneumonia, other seminar students from Mano University and people at the University of Victoria were able to participate in live broadcasting using the line.
Students at Hotel Grand Phoenix Okushiga, Onyado Suminoyu, and Koishiya Ryokan will continue their internships with students from the University of Victoria until March 27, and will summarize this experience in a pamphlet as a " Study abroad in Nagano " project.

Professor Mano explaining the purpose of the results presentation

Presenters and University of Victoria students

Presentation by an internship student at Shibu Onsen Koishiya Ryokan

Presentation by a student who is conducting an internship at Onyado Suminoyu

Presentation by students conducting internship at Hotel Grand Phoenix Okushiga

Professor Mano summarizing the presentation

Listen to the announcement Shinshu Yudanaka Shibu Onsen village general's meeting "Yunoka" everyone

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Q & A(3)

Kyorin University student giving a graduation thesis report

Koishiya Ryokan, which was the venue for the results presentation