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Admission fee and tuition

Admission fee

The following admission fee is collected during the admission procedures.
Nagano Prefecture resident Nagano Prefecture non-resident
Admission fee 141,000 yen 423,000 yen
  1. “Nagano Prefecture resident” refers to a person who corresponds to one of the following
    (1)The person in question, their spouse, or first-degree relative (parent or child) continually has an address in Nagano Prefecture from April 1 of the year before the year of admission
    (2)Person equivalent to (1) above as specially determined by the governor
  2. “Nagano Prefecture non-resident” refers to all people other than 1. above

Course fee

Payment method: Automatically transferred from a deposit account twice (once in April and once in October)
Course fee (annual) 535,800 yen

Other fees

Dormitory fee

All 1st year students live in the dormitory and must pay a separate dormitory fee, etc.
Dormitory fee 12,500 yen/month
Common area fee Around 9,000 yen/month

Overseas Program expenses

All 2nd year students participate in Overseas Program, for which separate fees are charged.


All students are enrolled in Fire Accident Insurance For Student Education And Research to cover accidents during their studies, extracurricular activities, etc.
A separate insurance premium applies. * 4,730 yen for the Department of Food and Health Sciences
Disaster And Accident Insurance For Student Education And Research For four years 4,660 yen
Liability Insurance for Student Education and Research

* Students must buy the required books, and pay experiment/training fees, etc., according to their department.