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Q1. Can I choose which room I want?

A. The university assigns rooms so students from different locations can live together. In principle, no unit changes are allowed. However, residents can move rooms within their unit if they wish.

Q2. How much does it cost to live in the dormitory?

A. The dormitory fee is 21,500 yen per month (including a dormitory fee of 12,500 yen and common area fee of around 9,000 yen). The fee is deducted from your bank account every six months, in April and October.

Q3. How do I commute to the university (Miwa Campus)?

A. Ninety percent of students commute by bicycle (around 15 minutes).
  • By train: Gondo Station to Hongo Station on the Nagano Electric Railway (five-minute ride + 12-minute walk)
  • By bus: Gondo to Joyamadanchi on the Nagaden Bus (15-minute ride + 10-minute walk)
  • By foot: Around 30 minutes (about 2.4 kilometers)

Q4. Are there any bathtubs?

A. No, but there are three shower rooms in each unit.
You can also use the nearby public baths that offer student discounts.

Q5. Do residents cook for themselves or eat out?

A. Many students cook for themselves. According to a dormitory life survey in 2020, 80% of students cook their own breakfast, almost 50% cook their own lunch, and 80% cook their own dinner.

Q6. When do residents move out?

A. We plan to have residents move out around March 15 of the following year. The entire dormitory is cleaned during the period roughly one week after students leave.

Q7. Is the dormitory limited to 1st year students?

A. In principle, residents must be 1st year students. However, about 20 older students can remain as resident assistants (RAs). RAs provide daily life and academic support so new 1st year students, who have just left home and moved into the Zozan Dormitory, can have a secure, comfortable experience.

Q8. Is the dormitory a safe, secure place to live?

A. The dormitory has an electronic key system (IC card readers) and access management system (at the entrance and each unit). A manager lives and is stationed 24 hours a day at the dormitory’s Maintenance Office for safety and peace of mind.

Q9. Is there a curfew? Can I have a part-time job?

A. The curfew is 11:00 p.m. Part-time jobs are permitted as long as you return before the curfew. Residents cannot leave the dormitory between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Residents who return after 11:00 will be given guidance or punishments as necessary, based on the meaning of the dormitory system.

Q10. Are the units co-ed?

A. No, there is a men’s building and women’s building. The common area (Learning Hub) connects these buildings. Due to the access management system, men and women cannot enter the other building’s units or rooms.