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Department of Child Development and Education

We develop the skills that will serve as the foundation for becoming childcare providers capable of creating better childcare throughout life, taking a comprehensive view of the environment in which children are brought up. Toward that end, students learn with 15 faculty members specializing in childcare about the ideal lifestyle and childcare for early childhood, regional environments including nature and culture, support for children with special needs, childcare management to make those things possible, and more.

Message from the Head of the Department

Learning about childcare, which changes continually along with society, in teams.

Mitsuhiro Ota, Head of Department of Child Development and Education

I want the emphasis to be on thinking for yourself and acting in a self-directed manner. Together with the students, I’ve begun working on developing an environment suited to interacting with children. Childcare and child rearing are in a transition phase, and there are many new things to learn and skills to acquire. I will provide support for learning in which students form tolerant groups capable of bringing in others, think in a self-directed manner in teams, and create things together.

Student interview

The best part of university is being able to concentrate on what interests you the most.
Shiori Ogawa, Third-year student, Department of Child Development and Education
Looking back, there was not much choice in high school, and it felt quite stifling. Coming to the university, I’ve taken an interest in many things, and various things have become exciting to me. I chose early childhood education because I want to help working women. Currently, I’m quite interested in child welfare, and in the future, I hope to work at an infant-care facility. In my field work, I have trained at centers for early childhood education and nursery schools, but I want to work at an infant home, where attachment between adult and child is most important. It’s a heavy responsibility, but building a relationship with an adult they can trust will establish a foundation for their development.

Shiori Ogawa

Department of Child Development and Education studies