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Organizational Theory

The concept of “organizations” is inseparable from our daily lives. In fact, the subject of management is companies and other organizations. In this course, students will learn the basics, including an overview of organizations, the relationship between organizations and society, and organizational development for an understanding of the essentials of management.

Strategic Management

Management strategy refers to the plans and scenarios developed to achieve the company’s objectives. In this course, after studying theory, students will think themselves about management strategies for actual companies. Through this process, they will develop the ability to use theory to understand reality.

Financial Statement Analysis

If you were the president of a company, how would you get a complete picture of the company? Accounting is a powerful management tool for that purpose. In this course, students will learn various things about companies by analyzing the accounting data.

Regional Innovation Theory

With the progression of globalization and the IT revolution, this is a time in which regional and intercity competition is taking on even more importance than international competition. In this course, students will approach the discovery of resources within the region and development of a mechanism by which to utilize them creatively from the standpoint of innovation.

Local Autonomy

In this era of decentralization, how do municipalities solve regional challenges? Students will study the basic mechanisms of local autonomy and learn about relationships between governments and citizen participation and collaboration, looking at the challenges to realizing self-government and the future direction.