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Seminar Information

Recommended seminar for those wishing to work overseas.
[Morimoto Seminar]

What does it take to understand another culture?
Taiki Mukougawa, third-year student, Department of Global Management Studies
In this seminar, you get to hear about the actual experience of Professor Morimoto, who has an extensive track record, having worked at McCann Erickson Hakuhodo (now McCann Erickson) and at Sony as Vice President of Innovation Strategy. Another appealing aspect of the seminar is that you have fun acquiring global knowledge from papers on subject matter that will be useful in life after graduation, regardless of your chosen path. Particular emphasis is placed on the topic of understanding other cultures. I already had an interest in international relations, and I hope to work in a foreign country someday, so it was the perfect seminar for me. I gained a tremendous amount of insight from his talks based on actual experience relating to the importance of understanding other cultures, respecting how people from other countries think, and the importance of mutual understanding.

Basics of corporations and the workings of financial and capital markets
[Kim Seminar]

Understanding how companies and organizations work
Kona Yokoyama, third-year student, Department of Global Management Studies
I am currently learning about corporations and the workings of financial and capital markets starting with the basics in Professor Kim’s seminar. For example, we break up into groups and create a new corporation to learn about capital and other topics in game-like exercises. Up until now, when watching the news or informational programs or providing a receipt at my part-time job, I’ve wondered what exactly a corporation is. I didn’t even know what “listed” meant, so over the past year, I’ve been able to deepen my understanding of the basics of how companies and organizations work. I also noticed that by talking with Professor Kim, I’ve become interested in customer service and the service industry. Professor Kim gives precise advice to each student, so students are often surprised. I’m thinking about what kind of job I want to do in the future, and I’ve taken a particular interest in a career as a cabin attendant. This came about because of advice I got from Professor Kim.

List of Seminars

No. Professor Topic
1 Toshiyuki Azuma Analyzing management activities from the standpoint of organizational theory
2 Norio Usui Basics of microeconomics
3 Nobuyoshi Omuro Building a sustainable society and social innovation
4 Shuhei Kinugawa Accounting and regional economics
5 Hyonson Kim Introduction to financial and capital markets
6 Soichiro Shuto Management strategy theory and practice
7 Shigeru Tamura Revitalizing the region! (Study hard, play hard!)
8 Ushio Chujo Public business economics
9 Hideo Tsukiyama Sociological theory and field work-based regional sociology
10 Kunikazu Nagata Finance: How does finance benefit society?
11 Akito Nakamura Studying the science of consumer sentiment
12 Toshihiko Nakamura Finance seminar(fiscal management in a society with a declining birth rate and aging population)
13 Fumihiko Nakamura Learning about corporate analysis
14 Nobuko Noguchi International comparative study of municipal systems and public policy
15 Tsuyoshi Mano Hands-on management seminar (basic course for global management personnel)
16 Masashi Miura Local autonomy theory
17 Toshie Miyazaki Creating systems to support health
18 Kiyoshi Miyashita Learning about international and regional management
19 Hiromichi Morimoto Cultural management theory and practice
20 Daeyoung Yoon Regional and local industry is interesting! What should Japanese companies in Asia do?