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Global Business Course

Companies developing businesses in Japan today where the birth rate is declining and the population is aging need a global perspective.
There is a ceiling when focusing on Japan alone, but a broad perspective that goes beyond Japan will pave the way to a new future.
This is a sure path leading to revitalization of not only Nagano but also Japan.

Message from the Head of the Course

Adding a global perspective to business administration makes possible a new future.

Professor Hiromichi Morimoto, Head of Global Business Course

Our aim is to train various business leaders while developing a global outlook, studying the basics of business administration, which is not covered in high school, and using the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) cycle as the compass. Today, as the birthrate declines and the population ages, the shrinking of the domestic market continues to accelerate. Having a global mindset is essential. I hope you’ll create a vision of what you want to do at university, set your sights on the mysteries existing in society, and use business administration to work toward clarifying them.

Student interview

The perfect education for those wanting to acquire a variety of knowledge and expand their point of view.
Hitoya Sato, third-year student, Department of Global Management Studies
I’m studying economics and management, and I’ve taken a particular interest in economics. In this course, I’m learning the rules and basic mechanisms of society, and in Microeconomics, I’m learning about the current situation in and future outlook of Manila, Philippines, support for developing countries, and other topics. I feel that during this past year, my ability to look at things critically has improved through my study of global business. Rather than looking at 1 as just 1, I can break it down into 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 and take a composite approach. Moving forward, I hope to further deepen my own way of thinking.

Jinya Sato

Global Business Course studies