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Liberal arts education

Students develop the fundamental abilities, Japanese-language communication skills, English-language skills, thinking and decision-making abilities, expressive skills, academic skills, and other capabilities required of university students through a range of programs. They gain the basic abilities needed to transition to specialized education, and take part in both general education and problem-solving-based learning. This helps develop an attitude of continuous, lifelong learning.


The English Program for Global Mobility combines four skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 1st year students attend four intensive classes per week to develop the ability to utilize English and communication skills in a balanced way. They master practical English skills and the ability to understand the main points when listening.


The ideal type of education is individualized and in line with each student’s personality and qualities. At the University of Nagano, the Communication Seminar, which is required for 1st year students in all departments, consists of small classes around 16 students each.


These lectures feature many different guest speakers including entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and government officials. The guest speakers talk about their specific efforts, the ambitions behind them, and other topics.