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The Chinese character for “river” has been stylized as the initials of the university (UN) representing the rivers of Nagano Prefecture heading out to sea. This symbolizes the flow of information from the source out to the world.
The three colors represent the university’s hopes for the growth and advancement of students jumping into the sea while being tossed about in the torrents as they head out from the source.
The three lines also represent industry, government, and academia, expressing the university’s commitment to working together with the region to achieve regional revitalization.

Infinite source
There are 737 class A rivers and eight river systems in Nagano Prefecture. All of them symbolize the source of Nagano Prefecture’s vitality.
From the source to the river
Source streams from mountains such as the Japanese Alps become rivers, including the Chikuma River (Shinano River), Tenryu River, and Kiso River, which flow out to the Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean.
To the ocean that connects the world
The flow from Nagano Prefecture out to the sea, which connects the world, is a picture of the growth and advancement of students that study at the University of Nagano.