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Basic Philosophy

Philosophy of University of Nagano

Our philosophy

The University of Nagano aims to become a base of knowledge within Nagano Prefecture, to communicate research achievements that will enable sustainable development in the world, and to be a university that creates and develops a better future for humanity by churning out future leaders.

Our mission

We will train up leaders capable of regional innovation. They will think for themselves, study on their own, and act on their own initiative, pursuing opportunities for growth on a global basis, encountering innovators around the world, and blazing trails for the future from a global perspective.

1. Sending out leaders

We will send out leaders equipped with various qualifications and skills for a new era by providing all around education that includes extensive liberal arts education, advanced action-oriented specialized education, dorm life, and overseas training.

2. Regional innovation

We aim to become a base for knowledge that revitalizes prefectural industry, culture, and lifestyles—a university that is open to and moves forward with the region by understanding and valuing the rich natural environment and long history and traditions of Nagano Prefecture.

3. Global communication

With a spirit of sound judgment, we will engage in advanced research, promote interdisciplinary study based on the industry and culture of Nagano Prefecture, create new knowledge, return the results to the region, and transmit them from Nagano to the world.