Eminent Speakers' Forum on Global Development

The University of Nagano Eminent Speakers' Forum on Global Development (The Forum), launched in 2019 with a special grant from the Chairman of the University, provides a series of lectures on global development in 2019. The Forum events are organized and managed by the Department of Global Management Studies. The purposes of the Forum are, firstly, to provide our students with opportunities to acquire cutting-edge knowledge about economic development, and, secondly, to offer a solid platform for a robust exchange of ideas about global development among researchers. The Forum also aims to establish strong connections with the Nagano prefectural government, partnership cities, and neighboring universities and research institutions.

The Forum invites top speakers who work in the field of economic development in either governments, international organizations, or academia. They are selected on the basis of international recognition and renown, cutting-edge expertise, career experience, and the ability to motivate audience members, in particular students, to understand the current challenges of economic development. The Forum covers a diverse range of topics and issues, including economics, finance, human development, regional integration, environment, climate change, and career development. The language of the Forum presentations is English.

As a regional knowledge hub, the University of Nagano has a firm commitment to provide high quality education to all stakeholders in order to cope with the growing demand for advanced learning and global education.

The Forum is open to the public.